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The International

Copyright Registered to Mr Stefano Šamaldin Ćulibrk

As of the 1st December 2014 23:59 GMT

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Licence: 8356045502

The International Copyright

Mr Stefano Šamaldin Ćulibrk reserves all rights to:

"In any country, territory, union, republic, nation or land, sovereign or otherwise. Anything that in any script or language, abbreviated, translated or converted into an acronym, is a pun of, bares a significant resemblance to or is in direct conflict with (in name, image, logo, design or wording) any of my companies, trademarks,copyrights, names, logos, addresses, publications, websites, emails, credentials, reputation or corporate activities whether detrimental to our functionality or not"

The International

Details of Copyright [including but not limited to]:

The logo of a red and/or pink rearing horse is copyrighted.

The logo of a rearing horse with "angular or glass effect" is copyrighted.

The logo of a rearing horse for use within the publication and/or media industry is copyrighted.

The names 'The International', 'T International', 'The International (Press & Media Group)', 'The International Press and Media Group', 'IPMG', 'IPMG News' or any translation or acronym are copyrighted.


The use of colours #f91f11 #b40000 and #c40601 by a company/organisation involved in similar business/activities or interests is prohibited by copyright.

The International is a trade name and copyright of Ltd company no. 08388388 registered in England & Wales.© All Rights Reserved 2012, 2015